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We learn to live together!

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About Us

FUNIFELT  aims to directly support and lead educational, research, technological, artistic and cultural activities and programs that contribute to improving the quality of life of children, adolescents and adults, especially the less privileged.


In addition,FUNIFELT may directly or indirectly carry out strategic alliances with non-governmental organizations or civil society organizations or entities from the private sector, national or foreign public, all those activities aimed at: Designing, executing, managing, coordinating, controlling or evaluating Plans, programs or projects for the benefit of the least favored in the country.

Propose and Project

Our purpose is to support public and private institutions for the improvement of education at all levels of education: early childhood, middle school and tertiary education in order to foster a more humane and responsible society.

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You can donate money, toys and something that you consider help our community.

We should get the progress together, be part of our Foundation.

This is an International foundation that supports and leads activities and Educational, research, technological, artistic and cultural programs that help to improve the children, adolescents and adults conditions of living especially with the less favored around the world.

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