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Sponsor a child

FUNIFELT Foundation uses innovative solutions that help children and teenagers living in poverty reach their full potential. Worldwide, millions of children and teenagers are living in extreme poverty. We focus on the developmental and protection needs of children and teenagers through each stage of their life. All of them need health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, opportunity and safety. Your kindness will help communities fill those gaps for children. This is one way to end poverty!

If you or any organization choose to sponsor a school, you can expect to:


1.  own the relationship with the school.

2.  provide funding for a portion of the cost of the program in the school.

3.  provide volunteers to distribute food directly to the children at school.


The purpose of this call is to focus on helping children in any place around worldwide, so kids can participate in the educational programs offering by FUNIFELT (in person or online), together with a personalized accompaniment we can improve their quality of life, also the sponsors will be able to support the children who sign up, with food, school supplies, clothing, this process guarantees transparency, legality and the change of many lives that need it.

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Give a donation

FUNIFELT  is a non-profit organization, is pleased to accept donations to support its charitable mission to different families who do not have economical nor educative access.  You can donate books, clothes, shoes, toys, or send money through our platform.

We visit families with poor living conditions twice per year in different places around Colombia,  you can send your donation any time just contact us!  


If your interest is to be a volunteer at FUNIFELT. We will happy that you join our team to provide experience about your culture, languages and experience about Special Needs, Education and Culture that can help to educate more people in Colombia.

We hope your volunteer experience will be rewarding, enjoyable, and worthwhile. Educational, cultural and research programs rely on volunteers like you to help people in need realize the dream of understanding the importance of language and people with special needs. From our foundation operations to our office, special events, and committee work, volunteers are a part of every facet of our organization.


Corporate support

FUNIFELT Foundation would like to have partners with corporations and other organizations to extend and multiply our benefits to the children we serve. We shall be grateful to our partners for using their resources to make a difference in children's lives.

Get involved now

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