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FUNIFELT has developed four different applications in order to enhance communicative competence in English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.  They focus on autonomous learners. They will learn new vocabulary and will be able to hear how it is pronounced, those apps have more than 78 levels, games at the end of each level and more you enjoy and learn at the same time (click on the image for more information).

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We have school programs that help students based on national and international curricular programs, generating a warm environment of respect and tolerance with other cultures focus on plurilingualism.  Be part of our schools!


Spanish 4 foreigners

We offer one on one lessons from Beginners to Advance at suitable prices and we support the educative and tourist process for our students who want to study and travel to Latinoamerica or Spain.  Our students have several didactics and academic materials for DELE and SIELE tests.
Our students can be a volunteer in Latino America who participated in our educative programs online and onsite.


Los estudiantes con iPad
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Children from the USA help our Foundation

Our Foundation received some books donated by children from the United States of America.  Those books are about children's stories such as My little pony, Frozen, and so on.

This kind of donation helps our kids to enjoy reading and writing because they can have the opportunity to read stories that are part of TV programs for kids.  Be part of our program!


PNDE- 2016-2026

FUNIFELT & Ministry of National Education in Colombia present the Decennial Education Plan. We are part of the Management Committee and we participated with the Ministry of National Education in the presentation of the Decennial Education Plan 2016-2026 for all Colombians. We feel committed to promoting "the path toward quality and equity"

Mujer científica


Research Group

FUNIFELT has a group that was created in 2011 and to support the research process of some apprentice groups. This group is part of the International Foundation FUNIFELT focuses on three main states: teaching, research and extension but at the same time, there are three lines of inquiry:


1. Creating research subgroups that help researchers in the lifting of the inquiry process.


2. Developing a-cross disciplinary research projects on the pedagogy field, teaching, and research, training effective tools to master through the systematic strategies, application and sequential teaching.  


3. Starting a research proposal to promote bilingualism and plurilingualism education.


Divulgation Research papers

The suitable schedule for scholars


This article about the appropriate schedule for kids who are in kindergarten. This research was made for our Foundation and Gimnasio Bilingüe located in Colombia.  This paper is writing in Spanish according to the context that was the study.    

Avoiding traditional schedule for our kids  

This is the most recent article about the teaching and learning dimensions that kids should have. Unfortunately,  kindergarten programs use the schedule to teach something but they don't take into account each student's learning process,  each kid needs different strategies and they learn in different steps doesn't matter the age or grade in which they are involved. 

Listo para ser publicado


Publishing house

FUNIFELT publishing house has published academic and scientific process in several formats,  but also it helps to publish to our members and people who are interested to let show to society the academic innovation focus on education.  Contact us!



FUNIFELT has for you a wide collection of podcasts in English and Spanish on various topics that may be of interest to you made with professionals.




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