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FUNIFELT and BANREP (Banco de la República de Colombia) have a new agreement that helps t the whole community to be inquired, it includes students, teachers, parents, and practitioners to book different materials, including journals, books, posters, and so on.  We had received the most recent collection about the Journal at BANREP, a book about essays that have information about Economic Politics, and a Cultural and Bibliographic Bulletin.


You can check in our academic library! 


The benefit is offered to all active members of the FUNIFELT Foundation and the Bilingual Gymnasium in the municipality of Zipaquirá.

The FUNIFELT library has a wide range of bibliographic material with more than 2,500 copies, among them, are:

  • Preschool, elementary, elementary school textbooks.

  • Preparation primers.

  • Children's literature in English and Spanish.

  • English literature.

  • Hispanic Literature.

  • Pedagogical material for bilingual teachers.

  • Research books related to education, social sciences, natural sciences, economics, art, history, Arab culture, Chinese culture, Latin American culture.

  • Illustrative encyclopedias.

  • Books for international exam preparation: CAMBRIDGE (Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS) and TOEFL

  • Photocopiable material for international exam preparation.

  • Photocopiable material for teaching in early childhood.

  • Photocopiable material for teaching English to adolescents and adults.

  • French textbooks (level A1-A2)

  • German textbooks (level A1-A2)

  • Monolingual and bilingual dictionaries

  • Magazines on pedagogy, educational research, economics, and history.

  • Complementary material in digital audio and video files saved on DVDs, CDs, VHS, Cassettes, Vinyl.

  • Illustrative cards of various sizes (half letter, letter, A4, Sheet)

  • Didactic boards for teaching English grammar


In addition, FUNIFELT, since February 2019, has an interlibrary loan agreement with the Luis Ángel Arango Library and other libraries of the Banco de la República Network offered in 29 cities in Colombia.


Loan process:

  • First step: Written request for the required material (maximum 3 copies)

  • Second step: It is checked in the library if the material is available (The maximum loan period is 15 days).


In case that the material is not found in the FUNIFELT library, the user is informed and resorts to requesting the libraries of the Banco de la República Network to generate the interlibrary loan (The maximum loan term is 5 days).

List of institutions in agreement with the Banco de la Republica Library Network (here)


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