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English for Adults

What do we offer?

English for Adults is the online English course for adults, based on the personalized and innovative method you will learn naturally and spontaneously to speak, read, write and listen, you will have at your disposal:


live classes

Register and connect to our classes, which are 50 minutes long, from your computer. Our platform is 24/7.

Study with English-speaking and bilingual teachers

Learn with an English immersion method and native pronunciation experts.

Prepare for the international TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, FCE exams and many more

Enjoy a portal included in your course that prepares you for these exams at no additional cost.

Get your certificate at each level

Receive a certificate based on the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Why is our course different?

Professional english

Master English in your work thanks to our content focused on specific professional areas.

Technological tool that perfect your vocabulary and pronunciation

You will have advanced technology tools at your fingertips to improve your skills

Track your progress

We accompany you in a personalized way through WhatsApp, to be connected with you during your process.

Learning community

Be part of our group of students, where you can interact with other students and exchange ideas that will help you in your learning process. You can also attend additional events on learning English.


Enjoy our exclusive and additional programs

+ English for Business

Do you need to learn English to grow in your profession? With our specialized program in technical English for professionals, you will learn to communicate professionally in your work area.

English for Marketing

English for Technology

English for Project Management

English for Human Resources

Business English

English for Data Science

English for Design

English for people with disabilities

English for Sales

English for finances

English for Business Leadership

International exams

Do you want to study or work abroad? Prepare for the most important International English exams with our Test Prep: TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS!


Linguaskill Certificate

Prueba de inglés online rápida y precisa creada por Cambridge en la que se evalúan tu expresión oral y escrita, comprensión de lectura y auditiva. ¡Hazlo desde tu casa y obtén los resultados en 48 horas!

This is how our different types of classes are

At FUNIFELT for Business we offer three types of modalities:

Traditional Classes

Improve your grammar and hone your reading comprehension in sessions with a teacher and small groups of students.

Conversational Classes

Break the ice and gain confidence when speaking! In these sessions you will have the teacher as a moderator and you will be able to interact with other students.

Personalized classes

Enjoy exclusive personalized sessions in which, for an additional fee, you can choose the topic you want to learn yourself.

Student's  lessons and opinions

My experience with the teacher of the united meeting, was very cool since he can know a little about the culture and its customs, the work environment was very good since we Asia laugh a little with his humor

Juan José Ramírez / Student

The experience was very pleasant, enriching and clear, it was something satisfying to meet other countries.

Daniel Ávila / Student

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