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Spanish for Kids


Since 2020 we have established ourselves as the online Spanish course for foreigners venturing into Europe and the United States, and today, thanks to our constant innovation, flexibility and results, we continue to expand the number of students who trust us. Our goal is to be the best option in teaching Spanish to children.

What do we offer?


Spanish for foreigners (kids) is the online and face-to-face Spanish course (soon) for children between 6 and 14 years old, based on the innovative one-to-one method in which your child will naturally and spontaneously learn to speak , read, write and listen, your child will have at their disposal:


Latin American and Spanish teachers

Your child will learn the correct pronunciation and intonation with native Spanish language teachers.


Security and trust

We will give you a link and a personalized platform with which you can monitor your child's classes and their progress.


Live Classes

With our Spanish classes for children in small and personalized groups, your child will have the support and motivation of our expert teachers in the language, but also professionals in education.


Interactive lessons

Your child will learn grammar and pronunciation through fun lessons, educational games and applications created by us.


Why should your children take Spanish courses with FUNIFELT?

It is an innovative method with which several boys and girls are already learning Spanish. Based on it, we have designed one of the best face-to-face and online English courses for children. Your child will learn with experts not only in the Spanish language but in education!


A method of digital and face-to-face immersion with expert teachers in Spanish and modern technological tools for practice and study.


Your child's safety and your peace of mind are our priority! We will give you a personalized link with which you can monitor all their classes and progress.


Academic program designed by certified educators in teaching the Spanish language to children.


Access to the platform from any place with an internet access. Our platform is available 24/7.

All the levels

From basic to advanced level, the classes are personalized, but also in small groups allowing your child to advance at their own pace and improve their communication skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Your child deserves a future immersed in bilingualism


Did you know that when your child learns Spanish at an early age, they acquire many advantages?

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Get to know our classes and testimonials

Other student's opinions

I found it to be a very educational activity as well as very interesting, I really like traveling, that's why I love learning and getting to know other places.

Estrella Ávila / Student

From experience with my grandson, it is a welcoming school where children learn to be happy and the knowledge through teaching with suitable professionals where they involve the family in the meaningful learning of children.

Maria Esperanza Zambrano / Student's Relative

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