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Spanish lesson online (Colombian & Brasilian children)

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Education has no limits nor barriers because those who are educated and are educated have the opportunity to change the world.

Brasilian students at Gimnasio Bilingue online lessons

Thanks to FUNIFELT's initiative because some of their members create interactive education focus on the importance of connecting two groups of children from two Latin American countries but with a completely different native language Spanish and Portuguese (Gimnasio Bilingue -Colombia and Jean Piaget School -Brazil); Children were able to learn about Spanish but also identify their cultural and linguistic diversity among countries, which allowed kids to express and exchange ideas in the Spanish language.

Colombian children interact with Brazilian students, those kids have had an opportunity to get the first contact with Spanish-speaking children, It was a great experience because they were able to understand and answer with ingenuity all the questions they were asked in Spanish, thus demonstrating that learning a second language for a child is one of the most enriching to know the world.

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