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Life’s transformation in pandemic times

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Since memorable times we remember us going to the office, to school, the university, the cinema, spending time with our family and friends, taking the bus, driving along the city to reach our destinations, those scenarios were part of our daily routines, but now things have significantly changed, we have had to learn to adapt ourselves to this brand new normality, with new and unknown events for us.

FUNIFELT Education

We all are part of one same world and need to be together and assimilate any changes with a positive attitude, keeping our faith up in ourselves and our society at every moment and yes, we will keep surviving, we will keep living happily no matter the circumstances!

As humans, we are in constant innovation, adaptability and always looking to feel comfortable with personal and general transformation and do our best to assimilate different circumstances. Now, habits have drastically changed, but some of the new changes have brought positive outcomes to our society. Ever since the pandemic, some people a few years ago had started working from home, after all, the technology has got notorious advances and has helped our society to develop new professions, skills and to gain extra income sources thus, online education has been something handled for some time too, it initially started with universities offering these virtual interactions and studies from the students home or their office comfort then, some primary and high school institutions started to manage this virtual education model further.

Virtual education has brought new upshots, and the good part of this interaction is that many families started to support the youngest members learning process, therefore, families also have got the opportunity to spend more quality time with their loved ones, and even during the lockdown times, many families have worked and strengthened their collective consciousness and internal values. At some point, people understood the importance of internally working on their families' general aspects, and that has brought overall society conscience improvement about life, health, respect, and human integrity.

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