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Students from Spanish 4 foreigners in Colombian classrooms

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Nowadays, knowing places without being there is possible thanks to the internet, we have known cultures, gastronomy, new jobs and this time.

FUNIFELT Events online

Through Google Meet an application for video conferencing we had the opportunity to learn more about Neil Morton, a student with level B1 of the Spanish 4 foreigners program of FUNIFELT who told us about his place of residence called New Castle located in England (United Kingdom).

some pics during the activity

Neil spoke about his country (England), he answered the questions asked by the assistants who were in different cities around Colombia. Some questions were about sports, cost of living, and tourism in which Neil has eloquently answered allowing an interaction between the assistants. All of this is possible thanks to the opportunity offered by FUNIFELT's Spanish 4 foreigners program, we can conclude that learning a language different from the mother tongue allows us to foster empathy with other cultures, people and even change our lifestyles.


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