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Holy Week beyond a Rite in Colombia

Updated: May 9, 2021

Colombia is a country with a high percentage of believing and devout Catholics. This article aims to describe how Easter takes place and its symbolism in the life of the human being.

St. Peter's Basilica (Rome)- representative image for the catholic religion

For most Colombians, Holy Week is for prayer and reflection time where their spirituality and lifestyle change, in addition to consuming food, all kinds of red meat are avoided because it represents the body of Jesus Christ * crucified, that is why they eat food sea, some people also rely on constant prayer. The preparation of the major week that is called by Catholics, this important celebration begins with Palm Sunday in which the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem is commemorated with the palms that symbolize victory and that are blessed by the priest who in turn will be in the homes as an emblem of protection.

On Holy Thursday the Last Supper is celebrated as expressed by Leonardo Da Vinci in his paint, on this day Jesus Christ decides to meet with his twelve disciples and Mary Magdalene for the last time in his earthly life but also the washing of the feet is carried out, being a symbolic act in which the water represents purity and the feet represents the submission of the one who washes them and kisses them in this case, Jesus Christ, demonstrating the importance of being at the service of others regardless of social or economic position.

The last supper- La Última Cena (adaptación)

On Good Friday, the Stations of the Cross is remembered, which is the road marked with fourteen crosses that represents the death and passion of Jesus who walked to Calvary to be crucified at 3:00 pm. In addition, it is the representation of the suffering of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, who was overwhelmed by sadness when she saw her son die. Proving that the love of mothers is immeasurable.

On Holy Saturday, the tomb of Jesus is commemorated, a day of full prayer, and in the evening hours a special liturgy called the Easter vigil is celebrated in which fire and water are blessed, priests and deacons wear white to prepare for the resurrection of Jesus, reading various psalms from the New Testament of the Bible and performing various songs interpreted by a choir.

Resurrection Sunday is a day of joy in which the return to the life of Jesus Christ is celebrated, the Paschal Candle is lit, which represents the light of hope that will remain lit for several days, in addition, songs are performed with emotion and joy for the resurrected, leaving the Faith that God exists.

Paschal Candle Alfa and Omega

Although, it can become a controversial issue for some people because it is a religious aspect, the important thing here is to identify that Jesus Christ symbolizes the pure love that we must have for each other to live better and become good people not only looking for the self-love but empathy and respect for a society that needs it so badly these days.

*Also called by Colombians: Jesús de Nazaret, Jesús, Chuchito, Chucho and Divino Niño Jesús (when he was only a child)

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