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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Institutional greeting by our beloved national police

The National Police of Colombia's mission is to create the necessary conditions for the exercise of public rights and freedoms and ensure that Colombians live together and in peace. The national police is an armed body of a civil nature, which in the exercise of its functions complies with the rights and obligations that regulate the healthy coexistence of society.

It should be remembered that we have one of the best police officers in the world, who, due to their experience and effective results have managed to reduce the homicide rate, combat common crime, drug trafficking, in joint work with the military forces, police have been discharged to recognized leaders of armed groups outside the law, covers issues of extortion, the environment, rescue, child and adolescent care, have different judicial entities, criminalistics, tourism, protection, mobility, in other words, we have a comprehensive policy that covers, all the problems of citizenship.

It is necessary to clarify that Colombia has faced an internal armed conflict for decades that is not the only current as it is thought and that mainly affects our peasants but unfortunately, it is seen by foreigners as a place where violence and drug trafficking reign, in some cities it is It shows common crime, in the political sphere corruption, which generates many shortcomings, such as not being able to satisfy with quality and efficiency basic needs, health, education, decent work, among other factors that currently lead to social protest, where the great masses demand fundamental changes, where the illusion that the country can improve can be preserved, where the most vulnerable populations are favored and in itself, there can be a real change.

As part of an institution of a civil nature, we must confront the alterations that arise in public order, even if they get out of control, become violent and many vandals take advantage of the situation to increase crime, where crime is also affected. Police image that generates a rejection by society, unaware that we are also human beings and all these problems that we uniformed men face daily, to the discontent of citizens who cannot endure more violence and indifference but who in turn cannot be generated confrontations towards us.

A police officer has the mental and physical capacity to face any situation that arises, to carry out a good procedure that does not affect or violate the rights of the community, that is why I invite you and your family members to recognize that the mission of us uniformed men is to maintain order and control at the service of a common good. Let us remember that peace will only be achieved when we respect and value each other.

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