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The importance of compliments

“The deepest principle of human character is the longing to be appreciated”

William James

Who doesn't like to feel admired? That the work is recognized? And that the people around you value this? It is no secret to anyone that all human beings like to be told positive things about our know-how. However, we tend to let ourselves be carried away by daily tasks and forget the importance of communicating to other aspects in which they perform well, whether at work or personal level.

That is why today, March 1, World Compliment Day is celebrated, a day that aims to recognize and appreciate human beings. Nobody gets anything material, but everyone wins emotionally. And therein lies its strength because it is a day that differs from Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or other types of celebrations in which gifts are essential, because it does not have a commercial orientation, but instead seeks to consciously reflect admiration for the work a person does well by using words instead of gifts as a way of praising and appreciating. The idea is to create the “most positive day in the world”.

But where does this day come from?

The origin of this day, according to the official website of the holiday, arises from the idea of ​​its founder Hans Poortvliet who sought to spread happiness and increase productivity in the Netherlands, creating this day locally but seeing the great results that brought these on an emotional and work level for people decides to make it World Compliment Day, dedicating a holiday to radiating positivity.

What this day seeks is for people to consciously reflect on the know-how of those around them and the sincere appreciation of this through words. Compliments are one of the ways we show solidarity, cooperation, kindness, and goodwill. When personal performance is culturally valued through the recognition of others, it can be a very effective motivator.

For this reason, Hans Poortvliet, affirms that “A sincere and personal compliment costs nothing, but it has an enormous impact on the recipient. So nothing makes people happier than sincere recognition, because it increases productivity and engagement. So why not use it some more? Giving a compliment can change someone's day. So this day is a reminder to vocalize your positive thoughts and see them light up a person!

Why is it good to give compliments?

Different studies by the American Psychological Association have shown that receiving compliments in the work environment because it allows workers to generate more confidence in themselves and thus have a more positive attitude towards what they do.

What these studies affirm is that each person who experiences a compliment has a response in their mood because it injects a positive feeling, that they feel valued, loved and that affects our self-esteem.

What is its importance?

As it says on the World Compliment Day website: “If on March 1 each person gives at least three people in their environment or (social) network a genuine and sincere compliment, we will definitely create the Most Positive Day in the World!” But more than reaching a minimum of compliments, this day allows us all to remember the importance of making people feel appreciated, it is a natural human need to feel recognized, and nobody should feel ashamed for wanting it. Receiving recognition feels amazing, and giving recognition is just as nice.

But adults tend to feel that they don't need to reward people, even with verbal praise, if they are simply doing what is expected of them. Too often we are underestimated and overworked in pursuit of that validation. Let's end that tawdry tradition of untapped egos, we want everyone to feel good about themselves so the world is a better place!

How should it be celebrated?

These are the tips that Poortvliet gives us to celebrate this day in the best way:

Compliment three people: Compliment people you appreciate: family, co-workers, and friends for their hard work and for being there in their life.

Be creative with your compliments!: You can give the compliment by a note, a message or an email, the important thing is that it is sincere.

Give thanks for the compliments you receive.

Finally, why is World Compliments Day celebrated?

They generate a positive aura and awaken creativity.

Makes people more productive because positive reinforcement motivates employees

They spread positivity because it's a chain reaction, it puts a smile on someone's face and continues on to the next person.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any questions or comments? Tell us in the comments below!



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